Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Work we’re proud of!

I can’t count high enough to tell you how many jobs we’ve done over the last 30 years, but I do want to show you some examples of our work. In addition to the design and build of our own Remodels, PGC is often hired by award winning contractors to craft their designs. We have a good reputation in custom Tilesetting, an area of expertise we’ve pursued for decades.

I’ll start with our Tile Installation which was part of a 2009 COTY (Contractor Of The Year) award winning Remodel by Gilday Construction, of which I’m pretty proud. But know that this job was done as they all are done, with craftsmanship and care for the customer’s sensibilities. Not all of our jobs are this fancy or unique – not everyone wants that – we cater to the customer so it’s up to you. But here you’ll get an idea of what we CAN do.

COTY winning Bathroom Remodel

Here’s the bathroom, view towards the door. The wall to the right is the shower – the tile layout was custom designed by Gilday and executed by us.

Bathroom view from the door into the room

The next shot is the view looking the other way – you can see the tub at the end. I’ve got some more shots below to show the detail.

Detail of Shower Tilework

Tub Inset - Custom built

Tub Detail - Intricate Tilework

We’ve also done a lot of specialty tile work around the region and get called upon by designers to execute their plans.

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